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I was born to British parents in London, England, and at age 2 moved to North Battleford, Saskatchewan, where I lived for 12 years until my family relocated to Toronto. Growing up in the starkness of the Prairies definitely cultivated my vivid imagination, which continually feeds me ideas for new work.


In 1985 I left my career in the music business to attend the Creative Photography program at Humber College in Toronto. After working for some time as a commercial photographer, I decided to pursue the fine art side of photography.


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I does not use photography to document reality, but to alter it. I employ unconventional props and lighting techniques to achieve intriguing still life colour photographs. My avant-garde style features intriguing subject matter, while remaining simple, iconographic, and vibrant. My photographs are created using 4x5 positive transparency film and a large-format view camera.


To produce prints, my film is scanned and printed digitally on to photographic paper.


Please email me for price list or additional info.


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